BIRO Model Mini-22 Mini Mixer Grinder

The BIRO MINI-22 Mixer Grinder makes it easier than ever to break away from the daily grind. Its 45lb. (20 kg) hopper capacity lets you grind only the amounts you need to keep the case full and still keep your grinds as fresh as possible. You can use the same grinder for all of your ground products without having to worry about cross-contamination because the MINI-22 is so easy to clean.

It’s simple to disassemble, and all of the pieces are light so you can just carry all of them to the sink, wash them up, and go to the next batch. The 2HP auger motor gives you ample power to grind fresh ground meat, sausage, or poultry all day. The separate 1HP Mixer motor provides the versatility to perform any mixing or blending which is required prior to the grinding operation.

So break away from the daily grind and keep your ground meat as fresh as possible with the BIRO Model MINI-22.

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