BIRO Model EMG-32 Ergonomic Mixer Grinder

Raise your meat grinding operations to new heights of productivity, efficiency, and profit with the BIRO EMG-32 Ergonomic Mixer Grinder.

The auger is parallel to the floor, so the product isn’t compressed too much from being forced uphill, and the typical temperature rise of the product is 0 to less than 4° F (depending on product temperature). This helps ensure maximum shelf life. The twin mixing paddles give you a fast, even, thorough blend without overworking your product; the auger is fed evenly and smoothly.

The EMG-32’s compact size means it fits nicely in today’s smaller, more efficient meat rooms, so that you can continue to maintain a high level of productivity in minimum space. Of course, all of this comes with the superior BIRO design and reliability you’ve come to depend on.

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