BIRO La Felsinea Tabletop Bandsaw

La Felsinea’s easy-to-use INOX range of bandsaws come at an inexpensive price – without sacrificing quality.
Crafted from easily cleaned AISI 304 stainless steel and available with an optional sliding table and stainless steel pulley, the SO INOX 2020 bandsaw is the perfect choice for lighter work, with an array of productivity-increasing features including:

  • Easily removed door for simpler cleaning
  • 24V controls with a safety micro-switch on its door and tray
  • Easily removed and replaced scrapers
  • Interlocked bone tray accessible from outside
  • Powerful ventilated motors, protected by sealing oil sump
  • Thermal protection on single-phase motors
  • Tempered 16mm blades

Available in both single and three phase, the SO INOX 2020 is the ideal choice for an efficient, productive workflow.