BIRO EMG-32 Mixer Grinder

Compact, but powerful – the BIRO EMG-32 Mixer Grinder is designed to maximise productivity while maintaining its small footprint.

With a convenient size making it the perfect fit for smaller meat rooms, the EMG-32 Mixer Grinder is designed to last, with a heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Built for efficient and easy workflow, the lowered hopper and raised grinding head enable the EMG-32’s operator to work comfortably and safely, without unnecessary lifting or bending.

Twin mixing paddles ensure a fast and thorough blend, while the auger’s position parallel to the floor delivers an even product free of uphill compression. The EMG-32’s typical temperature rise of the product, 0 to less than 4°F (depending on product temperature), promises maximum shelf life.

With a powerful grinding capacity of up to 80lbs per minute, the EMG-32 Mixer Grinder is your answer to space-saving productivity.