Providing the highest
quality & most reliable
food machinery in the UK.

Our products
Our products

Providing the highest quality & most reliable food machinery in the UK.

Our products
Our products

Food Machinery that’s Built to Last

For nearly 100 years, Biro has been building high-quality food machinery with a difference.

From powerful tenderisers to versatile mixer grinders and mincers to durable bandsaws, Biro’s range of strong, sturdy food machinery is the industry-leading choice of butchers, caterers, chefs and food production factories across the UK.

With every machine in the wide Biro range available to lease, rent or buy, Biro has an answer for every budget – from compact but powerful machines built to fit into the smallest of meat rooms to heavy-duty workhorses capable of next-level results.

Biro machines are built to last – but for those rare moments of downtime, we provide full-service back-up across the UK and next-day delivery on spare parts, so that just like our machines, your operation is always delivering peak performance.

Product Categories

BIRO Model 55


Cut through anything with Biro bandsaws. From compact bandsaws designed to give small meat shops power without sacrificing space to heavy-duty powerhouses made for high-volume operations, the Biro range has a bandsaw to match every need.

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BIRO Model 6642 Meat Grinder


Biro mincers work harder so you don’t have to. Built to last with strong stainless steel construction, Biro mincers quickly convert your raw meat and fish into fine high-quality mince.

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BIRO Model EMG-32 Ergonomic Mixer Grinder


Break away from the daily grind with our versatile range of mixer grinders. Biro mixer grinders are designed to last a lifetime.

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BIRO Pro-9 Series


A Biro tenderiser is your profit margin’s secret weapon. Turn your cheap cuts of meat into tender, mouth-watering meat products with the versatile range of Biro tenderisers.

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BIRO Vacuum Tumblers


Producing mouth-watering meat products is simple with the Biro range of table-top vacuum tumblers. Whether you need a cost-efficient tumbler for infrequent use or a productive powerhouse capable of marinating multiple products in under twenty minutes, the Biro range has the answer.

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Customer Reviews

Here’s what Biro customers had to say about our products and services:

Biro always manage to deliver on-time, so we’ve ended up using them for all our replacement bandsaw blades and mincer plates.

Anne Forth, Forth Organic Meat

We’ve ended up using Biro equipment for everything from mincing to butcher’s knives. Fantastic quality.

Andrew Ryan, Blackwood Meat Company

I didn’t really think high-end machinery was an option for my business because I don’t need to use it all that often. Luckily for me Biro UK provides everything on lease!

Stephen Smith, West St. Butchers